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 Edomite Females Actively Seek To Conjure Hatred Toward Black Women In Their Black Boyfriends

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PostSubject: Edomite Females Actively Seek To Conjure Hatred Toward Black Women In Their Black Boyfriends   Sun May 15, 2011 5:26 pm

This is a topic that was a long time coming... There is an influx of 'Black Woman Hating" black men on youtube and other forums and most if not all of these guys have edomite wives, girlfriends and/or mothers.

Could there be something to this? Hmmm... This common theme tells us a lot about what is going on in the backdrop. If you look deeper into the background of a "Black Woman Hating" black man you will almost ALWAYS find an edomite female standing in the shadows. The most virulent BWH8ers seem to be this way because they are getting a steady diet of sly speech that undermines black women who are usually not present to defend their honor.

I have been seen comments on videos by edomite males who attest to the fact that edomite females indulge in vast amounts of shit-talking about black women for no apparent reason. This leads me to believe that the shit talking is amped up when said demonite is with a weak brotha (one who was hurt by a black female).

At first I wasn't sure if I was dreaming this up myself until i started getting more input. It seems that many black men who are in interracial relationships with edomite females have been going through the exact same thing... It's not so IN-YOUR-FACE sometimes. These edomite females operate on a low-radar level and most men are not really checking for it or it goes above their heads. But bit by bit the edomite female is slowly manipulating the brotha's conscious. It might be in the way the edomite female keeps harping on a PERCEIVED attitude of a black woman at the register (although the brother may not have seen it that way), Or it could be in a sudden change of desires (Maybe they agreed to go to a certain restaurant until they got there and saw a group of beautiful black women meeting for lunch).

Men who consider themselves "black" but have edomite mothers must be watched as well... There is a great amount if information being collected on these types and it seems that this specific type of Black Woman hater spreads hatred for black woman because there is not genetic or biologic tie to the black womb. The common sense logic of this is that if you hold a large number of chromosomes from a neanderthal female, your ties from the original woman are NILL at best and you would hold some sort of contention to the original woman (eve) due to a certain "Allergic" type of spiritual reaction or incompatibility. Sort of like being a universal donor O type but not being able to receive anthing other than O type blood. It's the same, such a man seems more and more incompatible with the original woman in the first place and thus is subject to more hurt, pain and rejection from eve, because she is also spiritually incompatible with him as well. Thus starts the vicious cycle of Black Woman Hating from a edomite female gene holder who considers himself "black" but is estranged from the mitochondria of Eve.

This shit goes really deep. let me just say that Mitochondria is DNA handed down from the mother from every mother before her and it resides in every single cell (1000s of times) of the holder. Seeing as how it certainly matters if the seed comes from esau --- you can not deny that there is a HUGE significance in who the mother is also. This is especially important and will take more observation and research.

This is not to say that black women should not be directed, lead, guided, reprimanded, even dealt with in a responsibly firm way... Of course! Eve needs adam to be a JUST, BALANCED, FIRM, RIGHTEOUS, HONORABLE, MATURE adult. The problem is when "Black Woman Hating" goes to an ugly place within the soul where you can see that the brother should be on a psychologist's couch instead of voicing his opinions in the open (which ends up being fuel for esau's agenda). Any responsible self-respecting so called, "black" man knows that. The problem is not in dealing with bad issues, but with the lack of maturity and lack of foresight into seeing how edomites use certain "elements' within the "black" community to keep unhealthy cycles, turmoil and strife going on, which prevents much needed healing.

For now, there is a consensus building that so called, "black men" who have a "black" father and "black" mother - who seem the most out spoken against black women (and you know when it is NOT coming from a healthy place) and this person has an edomite female in their lives... They are getting their programming from this devil.

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PostSubject: Re: Edomite Females Actively Seek To Conjure Hatred Toward Black Women In Their Black Boyfriends   Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:03 pm

These edomites are SICK and need to shut up and when Israelites are speaking truth.
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Edomite Females Actively Seek To Conjure Hatred Toward Black Women In Their Black Boyfriends
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